Brandt Group chooses Overkiz to make its household appliances connected

June 15, 2021 / CUSTOMER STORIES

Designed to create a more comfortable, secure, and convenient home life, connected products are now part of our day-to-day lives, from lighting and roller shutters to cameras, heating systems, and connected speakers. Home appliance brands are also working to develop new product lines that combine performance and usability, in line with evolving household uses.

In light of this, Brandt Group, a leading player, has designed a new line of Sauter, Brandt, and De Dietrich brand connected ovens, tapping the expertise of Overkiz for connectivity and Modulotech for application development.

Now, users can choose to control their oven as they always have, from their kitchen, or they can control it remotely with an app on their smartphone, allowing them full control over cook settings as part of a never-before-seen user experience. The Brandt Group is taking new strides toward digitizing its equipment for ever greater convenience.


Connected ovens that respond to your finger…and your voice


These new connected ovens offer lots of features, for a better user experience. With the Brandt Smart Control, Sauter Smart Control, and De Dietrich Smart Control mobile apps, novice and experienced cooks can start and stop their oven, detect when it is opened, and adjust the cook mode (convection or grill). The app also lets users schedule their cooking in advance with the remote delayed start, and it stays connected throughout the day with customizable notifications.

Users can even use Google Assistant to control these ovens with their voice to start and stop the oven and adjust its cooking temperature. No more excuses to avoid cooking!

Known for its expertise in open, scalable, and secure home automation solutions, Overkiz has provided the software development and IoT platform. With a dedicated infrastructure, consisting of a cloud and APIs, Overkiz makes it possible to communicate with devices, control them with dedicated apps, and interface with them using voice assistants. Overkiz APIs were provided to the startup Modulotech for the development of user mobile apps.



Mauricio Del Puerto, Director of Brands and Connectivity for the Brandt Group, reveals:

“Our primary goal was to design an app that was intuitive, reliable, and consistent with consumer expectations for connectivity. As a French manufacturer of household appliances, we were especially impressed by Overkiz, particularly for its expertise in cloud solutions for connected objects, which is also developed and located in France.”


As for Overkiz, Matthieu Lanquetin is absolutely delighted with this collaboration with a French leader in household appliances. He says:

“This large-scale project allows Overkiz to extend the range of the home’s connected devices and demonstrate the flexibility of its IoT platform, in response to a growing need for interoperability between the various parts of the home.”


About the Brandt Group

A leading French group in the area of household appliances (washing, cooking, cooling, and small appliances), Brandt Group designs and manufactures products for iconic brands present in millions of households, including De Dietrich, Brandt, Sauter, and Vedette. The group owns two production sites in France (Saint-Jean De La Ruelle and Vendôme), as well as its R&D site. It also has an industrial park in Algeria, and its corporate headquarters is located in Rueil-Malmaison.