A turnkey cloud Platform as a Service to build your solutions

The Overkiz cloud is the core of our IoT Platform as a Service. We have proven expertise in building dedicated IoT software infrastructure for home and building automation that can respond to the complexity of IoT connectivity. Through rich APIs and out-of-the-box connectors, our cloud can handle near real-time communications and data management between disparate product categories (heating, ventilation, openings, security, etc.), business and end-user applications, and third-party environments.

Key benefits

Get connected solutions
to market faster

Integrate with an
expanding ecosystem

Benefit from infinite
connectivity possibilities 

Collect and store
data securely

Key functionalities

Did you know? Overkiz has already integrated over 6,000 smart home devices from more than 60 international brands. From HVAC equipment to IoT sensors, choose from our large catalog of compatible devices to build your tailor-made connected solution.

Easy integration and open ecosystem

Scalable and flexible architecture

Overkiz builds and provides a totally efficient, scalable and flexible cloud architecture to fit any of your current and future projects. With Overkiz, you can make rapid changes to practically any part of our infrastructure at any time. So, we adapt our system to the changing needs of your business and the entire life cycle of your products.

Overkiz software architecture is entirely customizable and platform, protocol and device agnostic. We enable connectivity with any device, protocol and platform. Simply pick the products and features you want and build your solution to suit your needs and business goals.

Customizable configuration

Highly reliable infrastructure

We guarantee 24/7 and 99.9% service reliability thanks to multiple servers mirrored across geographic regions. Our services are hosted only on dedicated hardware to guarantee latency and security. All data is duplicated in multiple locations in near real-time. Each and every one of our customers enjoys a dedicated instance with a unique configuration and total ownership of their data.

Overkiz offers end-to-end security management built into our software, with full protection of your data travelling from connected devices to the cloud, including applications and services.

High-end security and data privacy

Rules engine for smart scenarios

Our rules engine allows you to program simple actions (e.g., roller shutters open and heating stops at 9am) or smart scenarios based on nearly all conditions (e.g., if door opens, then lights and radiators will turn on) with event-based management. To provide even more possibilities and interactions, Overkiz fully supports innovative platforms, such as IFTTT, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Connected solutions powered by Overkiz

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