A comprehensive offer for all our projects

Overkiz is a member of the Somfy Group and an expert in the entire IoT value chain for smart homes and smart buildings. We have developed the most comprehensive, “multi” solution for the residential and non-residential market, supporting multiple brands and multiple devices. With our secure and robust cloud platform, you can select, combine, and customize all our solutions as you wish!
What if you could simply connect?

Equipment manufacturers

Join the market’s most comprehensive ecosystem

Easily connect your devices natively or via our Kizconnect® gateway.

  • Our custom-tailored support to assist you with your digital transition and to tailor our technology to your specific requirements.

  • A comprehensive selection for launching your connected solution quickly: gateway, cloud, apps, and maintenance.

  • An API library to develop your own mobile apps.

  • Gain peace of mind from our quality process before integrating your devices. With a dedicated technical team and rigorous testing processes.

  • For you, new potential partnerships among the biggest names in the building sector.

Service operators

Faster, smarter: Your building is central to your service ecosystem

Our white-label solutions for collecting your data and deploying your services.

  • A dedicated team to tailor our technology to your project’s needs.

  • An IoT platform for developing services in the 100–10,000 sq m non-residential market with a comprehensive end-to-end offer, including gateways, a cloud, apps, and maintenance.

  • Backed by the strength of the Somfy Group, the world leader in openings and sun protection, to improve the energy performance of your buildings.

  • A large ecosystem of potential partners.

Real estate developers

Smart homes and buildings in the blink of an eye!

Our Kizconnect® DIN Rail gateway connects easily to your homes and electrical panels!

  • A powerful and easy-to-use technology for installers and consumers.

  • A comprehensive white-label offer for building your connected solution—gateway, cloud, apps, and maintenance—and quickly deploying all your services.

  • The most comprehensive ecosystem in the Smart Home market to connect all a home’s devices, regardless of the protocols used.

  • A large ecosystem of professional building partners at your fingertips.

  • A dedicated team for qualifying your Smart Home solution.

The market’s most comprehensive ecosystem

  • 6,000


    Openings, entry points, heating, ventilation, security, lighting, air quality, energy management, and more.

  • 60


    Somfy, Hitachi, Saunier Duval, Atlantic, Thermor, Sauter, Velux... a continuously growing ecosystem brimming with intercompatibilities.

  • 20

    supported public and private protocols

    ZigBee 3.0, EnOcean, io-homecontrol ® , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth ® , RTS, KNX, LoRaWAN, and proprietary protocols.

Discover our catalog of compatible devices

A comprehensive offer tailored to your needs

  • Open and scalable

  • Customizable

  • 100% secure

  • 15 quality specialists

End-to-end expertise

Overkiz supports you and provides all the tools you need to master every step—from the design to the rollout of your connected solution.

Get connected and combine all our solutions.

Get connected

With or without a gateway, you can connect your devices and join our ecosystem.

Build and go to market quickly with your connected offer.


Design and develop your own apps and interfaces with our API library.


Customize our solutions based on your image and specific needs.


Give your installers a dedicated app to pair any device in just a few clicks.


Let your customers manage all their devices with a turnkey app in your colors.


Collect data from your building and integrate it into your data flows.


Grow and amplify your own business ecosystem.

Join the Overkiz ecosystem and meet your future partners.