A dedicated mobile app to make your installers' job easier

With our mobile application, Overkiz helps your installers to quickly pair all devices—even without an internet connection. Compatible with all our gateways and a large range devices, this powerful and unique tool can be deployed in your home and building installations.

  • Easy-to-use, with an intuitive interface specifically designed for installers
  • White-label solution entirely adaptable to your visual identity
  • Offline installation to pair devices even without an internet connection
  • Interoperable with major standard radio protocols and proprietary protocols
  • Wide compatibility with multiple devices and brands
  • Updates to automatically implement new products and features

Proven benefits for your company

Faster installation

Lower installer costs

Added value for your customers

How does it work?

Scan the QR code and follow a few steps to easily install all devices in minutes. Then, test your installation.

1 Scan the QR code

scan the qr code

2 Begin the install

begin the install

3 Choose the device protocol

choose the device protocol

4 Choose the device

choose the device

5 Test installed device

test installed devices

6 You're done

you're done

Want to build your own mobile app for
your installers? Use our API library.