The IoT platform for smart homes and buildings

Overkiz provides hardware and software solutions to help you deploy and manage connected products and services.

Trusted by leading word companies

Our solutions have been deployed by a multitude of world-famous companies, from manufacturers to service providers.

Overkiz compatibility catalog

Over 5,000 devices from 60 brands compatible with our platform!

Discover the Hattara® DIN Rail gateway

The Hattara® DIN Rail gateway, designed by Overkiz, is the perfect solution for your smart building projects
October 19, 2020 A new Zigbee 3.0 USB dongle sold by Overkiz
September 30, 2020 Overkiz solutions are now KNX compatible
September 17, 2020 Overkiz is expanding its compatibility catalog

The Overkiz IoT platform

Overkiz’s comprehensive infrastructure helps manufacturers, service providers, developers and retailers to rapidly bring connected devices and services to market. Our IoT platform enables you to install, connect, manage, and maintain a wide range of equipment from multiple manufacturers for home and building automation.

Overkiz offers flexible and customizable solutions that are fully interoperable with any wireless technologies required to remotely manage smart devices.

Platform components

Why Overkiz?

Global presence

4 million devices from 60 brands are already connected to the Overkiz platform!
Over our 10-year history, 400,000 smart houses and buildings have been connected worldwide.

End-to-end solution

We offer a complete solution including hardware, cloud architecture and applications that can be adapted to any of your projects.


The Overkiz platform supports more than 20 wireless and wired, public and proprietary protocols, to enable connectivity with almost any equipment.


The design, features and software architecture of our white-label solutions can all be tailored to your needs.

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