Expert in IoT solutions for connected homes and buildings

Overkiz develops customizable Smart Home and Smart Building solutions to offer your customers innovative connected services.

... and it all connects!

In the blink of an eye, with our most comprehensive cloud platform for the Smart Home and Smart Building market
Explore our new Kizconnect® gateways and apps!

The market’s most comprehensive ecosystem

More than 6,000 equipment from 60 brands compatible with our platorm.

Leading word companies trust us

Our solutions have been deployed to many renown companies from manufacturers to service providers.

February 27, 2023 Lapland Trophy 10-14 March 2023 – Overkiz supports a dynamic duo
March 3, 2023 Overkiz publishes its 2022 professional equality index

A comprehensive offer for building your connected solution

We’ve designed a suite of white-label solutions around our open, scalable cloud platform to meet all your project needs.

Our end-to-end experts help you in quickly designing and going to market your services, buildings, homes, smart devices, and more.

Our solutions

Why Overkiz?

A leader in the connected market

11 million devices from 60 different brands are already connected to the Overkiz platform!

Since 2007, we have deployed 1 million home automation gateways worldwide.

An end-to-end offering

Our comprehensive offering includes gateways, a cloud architecture, open APIs, and apps to suit all your projects.

An open and scalable platform

Our continuously growing catalog lists more than 6,000 connected devices from 60 brands to meet changing needs and uses over time.

Customized products and services

The visual appearance, functionality, and software architecture of our solutions can be customized for your projects.

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