Overkiz open and scalable IoT Platform to build your solutions

We are seeing a proliferation of products, brands, and protocols these days. At Overkiz, we decided to bring this whole universe together and turn complexity into a strength! We’ve created a unified data model to make device heterogeneity easier to manage. As experts in smart homes and smart buildings, we provide an open, scalable, and secure platform that supports multiple products, brands, and protocols all at the same time.

Key benefits of Overkiz cloud

Integrate the most comprehensive ecosystem on the market

Easily connect your products with the help of our many integration solutions

Develop your smart apps and services using our connectors and APIs

Collect and store your data securely

Key functionalities

With our variety of connectivity and development solutions, you can tailor your connected offer to your specific needs and business objectives.

Overkiz provides you with a scalable and adaptable cloud platform for all of your current and future projects. Our system adapts to your changing needs over the entire lifecycle of your products. Each and every one of our clients has a dedicated configuration that is unique to them.

Create your scalable connected solution

Easily connect your devices

- Via your gateway supporting the Zigbee 3.0, io-homecontrol®, RTS®, Wifi, and Bluetooth® protocols
- By connecting your product directly to our cloud through an onboard connector
- Using a cloud-to-cloud connection between a third-party cloud (yours or your partner’s) and our Overkiz cloud

Once connected, our cloud manages communications and data management in real time. It enables communication between different product categories, such as heating, ventilation, openings, security, and more.

Overkiz already supports over 6,000 smart home devices from a catalog of more than 60 international brands.

From HVAC equipment (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) to openings (roller shutters, garages, gates, etc.) or IoT sensors, choose from our extensive range of compatible products to build your custom-tailored connected solution.

Integrate the most comprehensive ecosystem on the market

Develop your own apps, software, and services in no time

You can quickly create mobile apps and web interfaces using our API library and online development tool.

You can build third-party services (data mining, artificial intelligence, etc.) with the help of our cloud-to-cloud connectors and Rest APIs.

We enable your users to create and launch smart scenarios by combining a variety of products from different brands, all from the convenience of our Kizconnect® app or your own smart home app.

“At 9 o'clock, the roller shutters open, and the heating stops.”
“If the living room window is opened, then the radiators turn off.”

Our solution is compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa platforms for the voice control of devices.

Allow the launch of smart scenarios and voice control

Collect data while maintaining complete compliance and security

Each and every day, our Overkiz platform collects, hosts, processes, and renders thousands of data points in real time.

We ensure end-to-end security and confidentiality in full GDPR compliance, and we guarantee you and your customers full ownership of all data.

We take all necessary cybersecurity precautions to provide you and your users with a safe and dependable platform.

Thanks to our robust server setup, our infrastructure is available 99.9% of the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To ensure the highest level of latency and security, all of our servers are fully hosted on dedicated hardware.

Guarantee continuous uptime for your users

They trust us

Ready to start your IoT project?