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Customer stories
Real estate developers in the era of connected homes
The French* imagine the homes of tomorrow as being environmentally friendly, adaptable, secure, and connected within a smart...
Mon. 29 July 2019
Overkiz for connected buildings
In this era of collecting, harvesting, transmitting, analyzing, and sharing data, gone are the days of inanimate, “empty shell”...
Wed. 26 June 2019
Which Overkiz home automation box should you choose?
Do you want to control your devices at home or remotely? Are you looking for a way to create smart scenarios, connect new devices...
Wed. 19 June 2019
Experts opinions
Talking with… Antoine Aubert, R&D and Innovation Manager at Overkiz
With an engineering degree in Automatic Instrumentation and Computer Science, Antoine Aubert is R&D Manager at the Overkiz head...
Thu. 13 June 2019
Market trends
5 good reasons to invest in the Internet of Things
After a promising 2017 followed by technical issues in 2018 that slowed the growth of the Internet of Things, particularly around...
Tue. 21 May 2019
Market trends
Uses, trends, and best practices in IoT in 2019
After a fairly quiet 2018 and with Europe’s strong IoT market (19.8% growth expected in 2019, according to the IDC*), this year...
Wed. 15 May 2019
Customer stories
Paris schools in the age of IoT
The City of Paris was able to meet the ambitious challenge of lowering CO2 emissions and energy use by 30% in 140 schools in just...
Mon. 13 May 2019
Why does Overkiz integrate voice assistants into its solutions?
The Overkiz IoT platform is compatible with voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, for user-friendly voice control of...
Thu. 9 May 2019
Experts opinions
9 questions with… Matthieu de Broca
9 questions with… Matthieu de Broca, International Business Development Director 1. Can you describe the Overkiz line of...
Sat. 20 April 2019
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