Pichet Group is opening its first connected building, equipped with Overkiz solutions

December 18, 2019 / CUSTOMER STORIES

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Last May, we announced that the Pichet Group was entering the field of IoT, with an all-new offering of connected homes, scheduled to open this year. Mission accomplished! The company’s first building has been completed and is now open in Bordeaux. Have a peek at these homes designed with residents in mind, featuring the latest technologies, including Overkiz solutions.

Experience the home of tomorrow, today


Control each room from your smartphone, manage your comfort, minimize your energy use, and lower your expenses. All this is now possible within the 42 apartments that make up Le Patio Bordelais.

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All the building’s apartments have connected equipment installed. Specifically, the Legrand features the Céliane with Netatmo line of switches (lights and roller shutters) and outlets; the Saunier Duval has a MiGo thermostat; and the Nexelec comes with an INSAFE+ Origin smoke detector and indoor air quality sensor.

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Overkiz is also part of this connected real estate adventure, providing the Hattara® DIN Rail smart gateway. Installed directly onto each apartment’s electrical panel, it communicates with equipment wirelessly via the Zigbee radio protocol, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth® for guaranteed solution scalability.
Overkiz flexibly and securely provides a variety of supported objects and protocols, while offering a wide range of functionalities. Within its IoT cloud and ecosystem, embedded software enables wireless communication, Over-the-Air (OTA) updates, and secure end-to-end management. Usage and consumption data is collected through APIs.

Occupant support and value-added services


Support services for these smart homes are not to be outdone, comprising the value-added benefit of this new type of home. Occupants are provided with an internet connection for the first few months through Orange, a partner of Pichet. When the homeowner takes control of the home or when the renter gets the keys, they are walked through creating their account and logging in for the first time.

Support is then also available through Pichet Customer Service, via a messaging system integrated into the user application created with Overkiz APIs to provide guidance and answer any questions that occupants may have during equipment installation and throughout the life of the home. Pichet Customer Service also has an interface that, if the client allows it, shows the status of connected equipment (gateways, switches, etc.) to help diagnose problems.

This new dimension of comfort is included at no extra cost in the price of the home. If needs change, occupants have the option to customize their smart home by adding new devices from items available in the compatibility catalog.
In addition to this first residence, there are six plans currently being marketed, with many more on the way.

About the Pichet Group
For 30 years, the Pichet Group has expanded its skills across all corners of real estate, including design, planning, engineering, construction, marketing, and management. A key player in French real estate, the company operates in Paris, Lille, Bordeaux, Bayonne, Pau, Nantes, Besançon, La Rochelle, Lyon, Marseilles, Toulouse, and other markets. Thanks to its expertise, the company, a preferred partner of local and regional communities, is active in many urban development projects that promote housing diversity, as well as societal and environmental responsibility.