The most popular posts of 2019

Overkiz published its first blog posts just over a year ago. Designed to give Overkiz a voice, with a particular focus on smart home and smart building IoT experts, KizBlog features full-length articles on market trends, the latest innovations, the points of views of key players, success stories, and must-attend industry events. 
To mark the blog’s first anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 most read blog posts.

1 – Connected Homes: The Nexity Success Story

Although the big names in real estate development have now adopted smart home living, Nexity was one of the first to venture into it, as early as the mid-2010s. To anticipate the changing needs of individuals in the city of tomorrow, Nexity partnered with Overkiz to develop a Smart Building solution that includes building-level applications, beyond the tasks of controlling homes and improving residential comfort and security.

2 – 5 good reasons to invest in the IoT

As for the disciplines and professions directly impacted by the progress of the IoT, a future without connected objects now seems inconceivable. Home automation offers real added value for businesses that now offer products as a service. More than a gadget designed to improve living comfort, IoT is integrated into the building’s construction and has a direct influence on its design.

3 – 6 questions with Olivier Finot, Groupe Atlantic

Groupe Atlantic designs, manufactures and sells thermal comfort solutions for residential, collective and non-residential markets. Since 2014, Overkiz has helped the company expand into connected products, through Cozytouch, a solution for controlling thermal comfort and for viewing and managing use. Olivier Finot, Atlantic’s Technical Director – Electronics and Connectivity, tells us about the Group’s latest happenings, discusses the collaboration with Overkiz, and shares a peek into Atlantic’s plans.

4 – Uses, trends, and best practices in IoT

Each year, we conduct a snapshot of uses, trends, and outlooks in IoT. How can we ensure the best possible user experience, along with maximum device security? How should we respond to digital identity and personal data issues? Is security more important than innovation? These issues and challenges need to be addressed as connected devices become more popular and technology advances.

5 – Talking with Antoine Aubert, R&D and Innovation Manager at Overkiz

Planning, creating, proposing, prototyping, and assessing: Antoine Aubert has more than one string to his bow for transforming the most innovative ideas he hears into marketable solutions. Like a conductor, he coordinates people’s skills and knowledge to examine proposed solutions with a long-term perspective, thinking about the complete product lifecycle. Portrait of a passionate employee.

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