Führende globale Unternehmen setzen auf uns

Overkiz bietet leistungsstarke White-Label-IoT-Lösungen für führende Unternehmen weltweit an. Ob Sie Hersteller, Dienstleistungsanbieter, Händler oder Entwickler sind – Overkiz hilft Ihnen, in die verbundene Welt einzudringen.

  • Window Automation industrY Srl is the merging of two companies specialised in automation: rolling shutters and awnings ASA and windows, domes, sunshades and components for smoke and heat evacuation systems MINGARDI. Together with Overkiz, WAY has developed the home automation system My Higgins RTW : stay connected to your home and activate shutters, awnings and lights remotely through your smartphone and create scenarios.

  • The integration of Flexom technology has enabled Bouygues Immobilier to go further in offering services that meet the needs of our current and future clients, strengthening our position as a leading commercial developer.

    Eric Pozzo-Deschanel
    Housing Product and Service Design Director

  • The French leader in household equipment, the Brandt Group has designed a range of intuitive and efficient connected ovens, with the help of Overkiz for the connected portion. For a better customer experience, Sauter and Brandt connected ovens can be controlled by their users at home or remotely, using dedicated applications.

  • De Dietrich ist ein Hersteller von Heizungsanlagen und Teil der BDR Thermea- Gruppe, einem weltweit führenden Hersteller und Vertreiber von nachhaltigen und intelligenten Lösungen und Dienstleistungen im Bereich von Klimatisierung und warmem Nutzwasser. De Dietrich Thermique setzt die Overkiz-Infrastruktur ein, um Heimautomatisierungslösungen anzubieten und ihre Heizkesselreihen in verbundene Geräte umzuwandeln.

  • We chose Overkiz for this largescale innovative project due to their ability to offer us a sturdy, longterm infrastructure. The installed equipment (Minibox) and their cloud services provide the backbone for our overall solution for managing the comfort of occupants (pupils and teachers), while minimizing our carbon footprint using Ubiant artificial intelligence algorithms.

    Jean-Christophe BOURGEOIS
    Internet of Things and Data Valuation Manager, VERTUOZ by ENGIE

  • Overkiz has been a key partner of Groupe Atlantic since 2014, and has played a pivotal role in our expansion into the IoT world.
    As a market expert, Overkiz helped us to build a complete thermal comfort smart home solution for our customers, while never forgetting our objectives : to provide addedvalue products and services, quickly deploy innovative solutions, and adapt to changes in our product lines.

    Olivier Finot
    Electronic System Director

  • We chose Overkiz to develop the most open system possible for our smart home project. With the io and Zigbee 3.0 protocols and Overkiz’s expansive range of compatibilities, we can control products from the biggest names in the industry, like Somfy, Atlantic, Schneider, and more.

    Loïc Vandromme
    Secretary General, Hexaom

  • In today’s highly connected world, it is important our products are engineered to meet the needs of our customers.Overkiz has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner, who has helped us to achieve our targets and better meet our customers’ needs.

    Rodolphe Jacson
    GM Product Marketing Division

  • The Overkiz platform lets us go to market more quickly with a well-established IoT solution that is easy to integrate.
    We received excellent technical support from the Overkiz team to guide us through the platform’s software and hardware integration.

    Jonathan Wilkinson
    IoT Director

  • The Eugénie mobile app epitomizes Nexity’s vision for smart homes by combining home automation features (based on the Overkiz infrastructure) with a range of services for occupants to help people build connections with their neighbors and interact with their property management company and their neighborhood. Eugénie is a simple offering that equips all future Nexity homes to deliver comfort, security, and energy savings.

    Yann Ludman
    Director of Technologies and Information Systems

  • Rexel ist ein führender Vertreiber von Produkten und Dienstleistungen für die Energiewelt. Rexel setzt die anpassbare Overkiz-Plattform bei seiner Energeasy Connect- Lösung ein, bei der es sich um eine Multiprotokoll-Heimautomatisierungslösung handelt. Rexel hat ein Ökosystem führender internationaler Marken geschaffen, die sich auf Heizung, Beleuchtung und Öffnungen spezialisieren.

  • Simu ist auf Entwicklung, Fertigung und Vertrieb von Antrieben, Steuergeräten und Zubehör für Schließvorrichtungen und Sonnenschutz spezialisiert.Overkiz hat Simu beim Aufbau des vernetzten Angebots unterstützt, und zwar mit dem unternehmenseigenen 868-MHz-Protokoll zur Vernetzung von Beleuchtung und Rollläden.

  • Convinced that we are stronger and can go further when we work together, the Somfy Group is committed to developing long-term collaborations with its technological partners. That’s why we have decided to work again with Overkiz, a trusted partner for more than 10 years.The technical mastery of their IoT platform and the richness of their ecosystem, combined with the agility of their teams, made the successful development of TaHoma® suite possible.

    Jean-Noël Loiseau
    Vice-President - Somfy Connected Services

  • Ubiwizz, eine Marke des Decelect-Konzerns, bietet Haustechniklösungen und schlüsselfertige Systeme für Mehrparteiengebäude an. Dabei kommt eine umfassende Palette von vernetzten Geräten und Installationsleistungen zum Einsatz.
    Ubiwizz – Händler der Overkiz-Lösung – bietet insbesondere die Haustechnikbox mit DIN Rail und die Minibox-Version an.