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IoT for improving energy performance
Whether we’re talking about the residential or non-residential sector, the IoT makes it possible to optimize the energy...
Mo. 24 April 2023
The "Team Givrée" sponsored by Overkiz at the Lapland Trophy
Team Givrée at the Lapland Trophy – interview
Having just returned the Lapland Trophy, our “Team Givrée” give us an inside peek into their sporting and human experience in...
Fr. 24 März 2023
The energy performance of buildings, it’s happening now!
From non-residential and public buildings to new construction and old residential buildings, the entire building and housing sector...
Do. 26 Januar 2023
IoT Trends for 2023 – What’s in store for this year?
The challenges of cybersecurity and energy sobriety will be more relevant than ever in 2023. To meet these challenges, the sector...
Fr. 20 Januar 2023
Experten meinungen
Kizconnect® at the heart of the overkiz experience
In 2022, Overkiz’s new Kizconnect® connected solution aims to meet the expectations of professionals and users for ever greater...
Fr. 2 Dezember 2022
Protocol : a strategic choice
By 2030, there will be approximately 50 billion IoT objects throughout the world. This means that the communication protocols that...
Di. 28 Juni 2022
Zero Carbon Building Taking stock
When it comes to environmental impact, buildings are at the top of the list. As France’s second largest emitter of greenhouse...
Di. 24 Mai 2022
IoT: Security at the heart of challenges
With the boom in the number of smart devices, the deployment of 5G, and the escalation of remote work, our ultradigitized...
Do. 31 März 2022
What’s new in 2022? The 4 IoT trends (and more…)!
From the smart office boom to IoT’s broader accessibility, RE2020’s implementation, and the launch of the Matter standard......
Mo. 10 Januar 2022
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