Hexaom + Overkiz… a big step forward for smart homes

October 6, 2021 / CUSTOMER STORIES


When France’s leading home builder joins forces with the country’s #1 IoT platform in the number of compatible devices and brands, standard of living comes out winning. Hooray!


A partnership of experts


Surely, you’ve heard of Maisons France Confort, the French leader in home construction and renovation? Having become Hexaom in 2019 for its 100th anniversary, the company continued its metamorphosis in 2020 by trusting Overkiz with its digital transformation toward smart homes.

A trusted brand nurtured by a pioneering spirit shared with this major operator, joining the pool of key real estate players (Nexity, Bouygues Immobilier, Pichet, etc.) already working with Overkiz.


“The many protocols and particularities of our regional markets have forced us to find a centralized, scalable, and tailor-made solution like what Overkiz offers.”

Loïc Vandromme, Secretary General of the Hexaom Group


Hexaconnect: The Overkiz solution for Hexaom


For Hexaom, the objective was clear: connect 1,500 new homes per year through 2023 with a three-pronged imperative of customization, scalability, and security.

They needed to find a solution that is intuitive for users, easy to install in the field, and associated with a turnkey offer, all at the same time. Overkiz developed Hexaconnect, its next-generation app for controlling multiple devices for homes, on top if its dynamic IoT system and SySS-certified security.

A Hexaom-branded interface, a UX designed around a simple menu, a multi-brand app… Coupled with the Hattara® DIN Rail gateway for new homes, users can enjoy a smart home that suits them, a home that is easy to live in and manage. As for installers, they have their own associated pro app, Kizconnect® pro, which saves them precious time when pairing all of a home’s smart devices, in just a few clicks on their smartphone.


“This new collaboration further strengthens Overkiz’s footing in real estate markets, which are increasingly tied to digital technology and connectivity.”

Jean Noel Loiseau, CEO of Overkiz


Improving the standard of living… together


Through a single interface, from home or remotely, users can control their heating, lighting, roller shutters, garage doors, and smart alarms, program life scenarios, and customize the rooms of their homes.

With Hexaconnect, Hexaom customers now benefit from the comfort, enhanced security, and energy savings available to smart homes.

And the icing on the cake, thanks to the unique Overkiz ecosystem: Hexaconnect is compatible with a multitude of products among the largest home brands.  Schneider, Somfy, Atlantic, Philips Hue, Legrand, and Google Home today and many more to come in future updates. To be continued!

View the complete list of compatibilities



Since 1919, five generations of the same family have successively taken over the helm of what is now Hexaom, a Group that drives and federates an ecosystem of 49 brands and subsidiaries with complementary expertise. A unique story of family entrepreneurship characterized by its stability in a complex market sector.

The Group, a leader in the home building, renovation, and home ownership markets in France, serves more than 11,000 customers per year, has built over 100,000 homes, has carried out more than 80,000 renovations, employs over 2,100 people and recorded sales for €881.8 million in 2020.