Avidsen trusts the development of its smart home solution to Overkiz

February 12, 2020 / CUSTOMER STORIES

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Avidsen, a key player in Europe’s access management equipment, security, home protection, energy efficiency, and home automation market, has chosen Overkiz to design and develop its smart home solution. 

EasyHome Connect, the connected solution for the Avidsen Pro ecosystem, exclusively for building professionals

Designed to simplify the installation of smart products in homes, this new solution builds customized services for end users.

The application makes it possible to remotely control a home both simply and securely. From their smartphones, users control all Avidsen Pro and other smart devices using the EnOcean radio protocol for homes (heating, roller shutters, lighting, etc.). Users can control, measure, view, and analyze the energy use of their devices to improve performance.

This solution promotes interoperability among a wide range of smart objects through simple widgets or programming to adapt a home to its occupant’s lifestyle.

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Thanks to Overkiz’s connectivity expertise and its end-to-end IoT cloud infrastructure, Avidsen’s solution is secure, reliable, and easy to use.

“Overkiz won us over with its solution’s performance and its top-quality personalized approach.”
Alexandre Chaverot, CEO of Avidsen

About Avidsen

Avidsen, a French designer of smart solutions, specializes in the development and distribution of smart accessories for smart homes, smart buildings, and smart offices.

A mainstay in Europe’s IoT market, what makes Avidsen unique is its multi-brand strategy (Avidsen, Extel, Thomson, and Philips), its design expertise, and its passion for developing innovative products with high value added services.

Avidsen is an international team with subsidiaries in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, and China. Each year, the company places more than 1.5 million products on the market.