Highlights from…BFW 2019

The BFW Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg is the leading event for companies to give their employees, once a year,  the opportunity to maintain a national network on German territory, and to discuss current trends and developments in the real estate sector.

The main theme of this 2019 edition was: “How can a digitizing strategy succeed in the mid-sized real estate industry? ”

In response, a forum was set up for start-ups, technology companies and companies of what is known as the “old economy”.

The event was also organized with meetings between established real estate companies and newcomers. The participants were able to take part to introductions of successful cooperation practices, five-minute pitches, speed dating, not to mention “slow dating” and informal exchanges between founders and potential partners.

During two 5-minute pitches, Overkiz presented its solutions to support companies in their digital transformation, and also benefited of this event to strengthen its network with associations of investors, developers and construction manufacturers.

About the BFW Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg

BFW Landesverband Berlin / Brandenburg, as the strongest interest group in the region, is the voice of private real estate companies to politics. It is synonymous with innovation in response to the issues of the future and represents for decision-makers in the sector, as a strong interest group, a sustainable reference in terms of information.

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