Quickly launch innovative smart home solutions

The Overkiz IoT platform is designed to meet the needs of retailers and service providers. We offer a complete, customizable platform to help you build and launch your smart home solution. Benefit from our ecosystem of compatible devices that already includes 5,000 connected devices from over 60 brands and various technologies. Our solutions deliver high-added-value services to your customers and help you to access new business opportunities.

Overkiz solutions for smart homes

Enterprises benefits

  • Rapidly introduce innovative smart home solutions to the market
  • Connect and manage a large product portfolio
  • Provide added-value services
  • Easily integrate third-party environments
  • Remotely maintain and monitor installed products
  • Collect and analyse real-time consumer data

Users benefits

  • Control multiple devices anywhere, anytime via one simple app
  • Create smart scenarios and increase energy savings
  • Improve home comfort and security

Client success stories