Flexom 3.0: connected homes by Bouygues Immobilier and Overkiz


With Flexom 3.0, Bouygues Immobilier and Overkiz offer a new lifestyle  for people living in connected homes


Since 2016, Bouygues Immobilier has offered Flexom, a connected solution for people living in new homes, featuring an all-new smart and innovative way of living. In 2021, Flexom evolved to provide even more comfort and convenience for residents.

To support its growth into the connected world, Bouygues Immobilier chose the expertise and know-how of Overkiz. Our teams have developed and implemented a comprehensive solution for the installation, management, and maintenance of smart devices, including heating systems, lights, alarms, energy use monitors, smoke detectors, and more.

The Flexom solution includes the Hattara® DIN Rail home automation gateway for new buildings, a dedicated cloud architecture, open APIs, and two mobile apps: Flexom Pro for installers and Flexom V3 for occupants. Developed by Overkiz in collaboration with Modulotech and fully redesigned and customized in Bouygues Immobilier colors, these two apps offer easy installations for field technicians and ease of use for occupants.



The Overkiz IoT platform allows secure data collection and management, as well as access to an ecosystem of more than 6,000 compatible devices.

Residents can control a wide range of devices from home or remotely, create smart scenarios based on their lifestyle, track their energy consumption, and receive alerts and notifications.



Initially tasked with protecting the security of data outside the home, Overkiz now plays a much broader role with a dual mission:

  • Ensure that the new Flexom Pro and Flexom 3.0 apps work both with existing installations and with equipment in new homes.
  • Develop future advancements



When asked about this long-term partnership, Eric Pozzo Deschanel, Director of Bouygues Immobilier’s Smart Building Division, said:

“We have established a trusted relationship with Overkiz, which has allowed us to develop a solution that is easy to understand and easy to implement. serving our needs and those of our customers, a solution that makes connected homes easy.”



The fact that Overkiz supports products and services installed in 18,000 Flexom smart homes is also a major advantage, saving time and lowering the risk associated with changes to the Flexom solution.

With Flexom, Bouygues Immobilier makes its connected homes scalable and flexible thanks to a powerful and secure end-to-end OEM platform, a right and scalable ecosystem, and real-time solution maintenance and management.


Bouygues Immobilier in numbers

1,904 employees

€2 billion in sales in 2020

18% of office real estate

82% of homes

18,000 connected homes in France