Testing provides you peace of mind!

6 April 2021 / VIDEOS

Overkiz takes you behind the scenes to see how our experts work every day to keep our solutions running smoothly.

With their expertise, discipline, intuition, and curiosity, they conduct in-depth testing to deliver the best solution to fit customer needs. Our teams work with the developers to ensure quality testing, sustainable solutions, and ecosystem interoperability.



Four main goals:


 1 – Be involved at every stage of the process

  • Detect non-quality risks by being part of the planning process for each new project
  • Adapt methods and resources to new tools, the market context, and the specifics of our solutions in order to develop a suitable testing strategy
  • Support the developers by implementing effective integration tests


2 – Maintain continuity through automation

Testing is carried out every night and weekend to ensure development continuity. Several spaces are provided for testing to encourage interaction and efficiency between our testers and developers. We also look closely at the user experience, with a simple click on a product, wherever our customers are in the world.


3 – Control quality with manual testing

While some tests are automated, others are performed manually, like when we test new features. We also analyze problems and provide information to the developers to pave the way for effective corrections. Our expert testers are also responsible for characterizing and prioritizing problems identified by our customers, so that they can be corrected quickly.


4 – Ensure the interoperability of our ecosystems

Our internal qualification team verifies that, when our solutions are combined with others products in our ecosystem, they meet the needs of our customers, both now and in the future. With our 150 sq m functional testing space, we can test the interoperability of products and validate systems that combine different equipment, brands, and communication protocols. This way, we can maximize the performance of our solutions.


Thanks to the high standards and expertise of our teams, we respond effectively to the needs of our customers, regardless of their IoT project. This expertise is why we currently have an 88.7% satisfaction rate.


Testing in numbers:

  • A team of 15 people trained in testing
  • 400,000 customers worldwide
  • 2 dedicated spaces
  • 300+ products
  • 20 radio, cloud, and IP communication protocols
  • 10 to 30 installations in continuous operation