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Overkiz earns ISO 27001 certification


Overkiz began its certification process in mid-2017 in Annecy, where the company has its main office. ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification helps organizations secure their information and implement information security management systems. It applies to documents qualified as intellectual property, information about staff, source code, and the architecture that Overkiz has developed.

Along with documenting the company’s existing best practices for data security, this certification satisfies the requirements of our French and international customers, including Rexel and Smartly. It provides Overkiz with a key advantage in ensuring high reliability and data security.

Overkiz is known for its strong commitment to the security and reliability of data managed on its platform. This certification bolsters the company’s position as an expert in IoT solutions for connected homes and buildings, reflecting an information security management system capable of managing risks, vulnerabilities, business continuity, security incidents, legal compliance, networks, and more.

Through the availability of a dedicated in-house staff member responsible for bringing all Overkiz employees on board, we are thrilled to have obtained this certification, held by only 5% of cloud services in Europe and encompassing the development and supply of BtoB service infrastructures for a SaaS-based home management system for residential homes and vertical housing.

For more information: https://www.iso.org/isoiec-27001-information-security.html