New in the Kizconnect® app!


Have you seen the Kizconnect® app? Designed for your users and ready to be customized with your colors, the app allows your customers to easily control all their connected devices, create home scenarios, and monitor their energy consumption.


Two new features were added to the experience in November. And there is even more to look forward to in 2023…

Dawn/dusk: Using real-time sunrise and sunset data based on their indicated place of residence, your customers can program the scenarios they want.

In winter, in the morning… “Open the roller shutters, turn on the bathroom heater, turn on the electric coffee maker.” In the summer, in the evening… “Raise the terrace blinds, lower my roller shutters, open the bay window.” Everyone can program scenarios to fit their personal lifestyle!

Push messages: Connect with your customers with the latest news. You can even send them targeted notifications, and they’ll see a new message alert from you in the menu. Product information, brand events, promotions… stay connected.