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Overkiz ranked among the Top 10 IoT Solution Providers 2019

3 Juli 2019 / NEWS

We are proud to have been ranked among the top ten providers in IoT in this month’s edition of CIO Applications.

Learn more: https://iot.cioapplicationseurope.com/vendors/top-10-iot-solution-providers-2019-rid-67.html

In the article “IoT Optimization for Connected Environments”, Overkiz provides an overview of its solutions and highlights the management of interoperability, interactions between brands and often heterogeneous products, and data security.

“We supply white-label solutions to large organizations and help them craft a connected strategy for the smart home and smart building environment. Our B2B solutions – linking multiple brands, protocols, and products – provide an IoT framework to set up a marketplace of compatible brands. Our IoT platform enables companies to unify technologies and manage the interoperability and the interactions between brands and products without sharing a massive amount of data.”

Matthieu de Broca, International Business Development Director, Overkiz.