Overkiz publishes its 2022 professional equality index

3 März 2023 / NEWS

Driving transformation and performance, professional equality is a key issue for companies. The pandemic, however, has exposed persisting inequalities between women and men, despite numerous advancements over the past decade, particularly in terms of legislation and regulations.

Since 2019, all companies with more than 250 employees—and since 2020, all with more than 50 employees—are required to calculate and publish their Professional Equality Index each year on March 1st. Expressed in the form of an overall score out of 100, with a minimum expected score of 75, the index is used to assess inequalities between women and men in the workplace.


How did Overkiz do?


For the year 2022, Overkiz earned a score of 82/100, with the following breakdown:

35/40 Gender pay gap

35/35 Gender difference in the rate of pay increases

Not calculable/15 Employees receiving a pay increase within one year of their maternity leave

0/10 Number of employees of the underrepresented sex receiving the highest level of pay


Fighting stereotypes and bringing IoT and women together


Although just 28% of women work in the digital sector in France, Overkiz attaches great importance to diversity and the inclusion of women in tech. Specifically, this translates into hiring diverse and committed individuals who share the common motivation of growing the company in a fast-growing sector.