Overkiz and Somfy release their new compatibility catalog



Choosing the right products and solutions for connected homes and buildings is not always easy. Determining which protocol, brand, and home automation box best meet our needs is not always clear either. That’s why Overkiz and Somfy, backed by their dedicated expert teams, now offer a decision-support tool to help with your new construction, renovation, or smart home and building installation projects.

A catalog plugged into your needs
A true decision-support tool, the Somfy/Overkiz catalog contains the entire ecosystem of equipment and services for home and building automation, organized into many product categories: heating, lighting, openings, security, etc. Gain access to more than 5,000 products from 50 leading international brands and 20 protocols compatible with our IoT cloud platform, tested by our teams, and to distribution channels, networks of trained professionals, and services geared toward professionals and end users.

Expertise, support, and leadership
Our solutions help to create connected living environments, capable of adapting to multiple environments and types of homes or buildings. In our ten years in the smart homes and smart buildings market, we have already connected 2 million devices and equipped more than 200,000 households in Europe and abroad (Asia and the United States).

Join our ecosystem
Overkiz is expanding its catalog all the time by continually adding new products. From HVAC equipment to IoT sensors, enjoy our extensive range of compatible devices for building your tailor-made connected solution. The Overkiz cloud also works with many smart applications and services, such as voice control, data analysis, e-maintenance, social applications, and more.
We help you integrate our ecosystem or a partner ecosystem through our cloud-to-cloud solution, our connectivity, and our open APIs.

Our community keeps growing, each and every day, join in!

View our online catalog here