New Overkiz compatibility catalog


New Overkiz catalog: every available product, technology, and compatible brand to help you simplify the IoT

Are you unsure about which technology, brands, or protocols to adopt for your IoT project? The Overkiz compatibility catalog is for you! Cleverly organized with clear headings and themed tabs, the Overkiz catalog lists all the equipment that is compatible with our solutions, alphabetically by use and brand.

Our catalog includes everything you need, from A to Z, for your smart home or connected building project, including lighting, thermal comfort, security, access control, remote monitoring, and voice assistants.

See the more than 60 brands that have joined our ecosystem and the more than 5,000 compatible products that have already made it possible to connect more than 2.5 million devices and equip more than 250,000 households in Europe and abroad.

Choosing Overkiz means simplifying your life and IoT for your smart home and smart building projects, whether in new construction, renovation, or the equipment of residential or tertiary buildings.

Our printed catalog is available on request by contacting: sales@overkiz.com.

Access also the online version, where it is kept updated by our teams to reflect our ever-growing ecosystem, better responding to your needs: https://www.overkiz.com/compatibility.