Why does Overkiz integrate voice assistants into its solutions?

The Overkiz IoT platform is compatible with voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, for user-friendly voice control of home equipment.

 This allows professionals to expand their offering and provide more services within the same platform. In the merciless war waged by IT giants in the fast-growing Internet of Things, adaptability and intelligence are vital.

Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri…. Voice assistants are multiplying

It’s no secret that voice assistants are multiplying, often using a proprietary platform that prohibits certain compatibilities. IT and Internet giants are fighting over market share, mirroring what we’ve seen before in pure IT (hardware and peripherals), telephony, and even among ISPs. For Overkiz, the decision to integrate voice assistants was easy. After all, voice assistants are quickly becoming the norm. Smart homes, connected cars, and wearables are prime targets for voice assistants. And what the general public sees in voice assistants is only the tip of the iceberg. Development is also underway in companies, especially among manufacturers. Supporting one or more voice assistants in our IoT platform is simply essential. Overkiz chose to integrate Alexa and Google Assistant, the two most popular voice assistants on the domestic market today.

Voice assistants for users: saving time and adding convenience

Voice assistants are not just some passing fad. Humanity has long dreamed of being able to control machines simply by talking to them. Science fiction literature and cinema are full of characters who interact as easily with their robots as with people. Writers dream of a computer that can write at the speed of inspiration. In fact, the first computer with voice recognition dates back all the way to 1961. The reason behind the enthusiasm is simple, as voice assistants offer a major advantage: they save time and energy. No need to travel to the computer to place an order, whatever it may be! Now, just say it aloud and let technology do the rest. Overkiz is ready to meet the demand for convenient voice control, by already integrating voice assistants into our product offerings.

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