Which Overkiz home automation box should you choose?

Do you want to control your devices at home or remotely? Are you looking for a way to create smart scenarios, connect new devices over time, improve your comfort and security, and save energy? Keep reading!

Are you a business hoping to collect usage and consumption data and provide your customers with an IoT solution for all types of projects? Keep reading, too!

Overkiz, an expert in white-label IoT solutions, offers four different home automation boxes for smart home and smart building projects, whether for new construction or renovations. Customizable to the colors of the client’s brand and compatible with the most popular radio protocols on the market, Minibox, Kizbox®, SmartKiz®, and Hattara® DIN Rail are four interoperable solutions for integrating IoT into a building or home and connecting all types of equipment, including heating and ventilation systems, lighting, openings, closures, and more.

Communicating with the secure and interoperable Overkiz cloud, these home automation boxes come with a user application, an e-maintenance tool, and the APIs needed to develop fully customized solutions to fit the needs of each customer.

Let’s take a closer look at these interoperable smart boxes, which are compatible with more than 5,000 products.

Minibox: easy entry into the world of IoT

Minibox is the entry-level Overkiz home automation box for smart homes. Simple, efficient, and easy to deploy, Minibox offers powerful features, combined with the ability to create smart scenarios based on user habits. It handles the most common use cases and is easy to install and pair. Minibox supports one native protocol at a time, using EnOcean, Z-Wave, io-homecontrol®, and RTS technologies.

Kizbox®: scalable connectivity

Ideal for connected home projects, Kizbox® provides a new level of home comfort and well-being. It supports two native protocols simultaneously, and its scalability makes it possible to add and connect new compatible products at any time. Its three USB ports provide greater flexibility through added protocols. The EnOcean, Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wifi, and Bluetooth® protocols supplement the native io-homecontrol® and RTS protocols. Kizbox® is an excellent compromise for those wanting to combine versatility and performance.

SmartKiz®: for homes that are even more connected

The elegant, modern, and compact SmartKiz® is the most versatile box. It natively supports the RTS, Zigbee, and Wifi/Bluetooth® protocols and can manage up to 30 connected devices simultaneously, including roller shutters, lights, radiators, appliances, speakers, and other devices. Say goodbye to Ethernet cables! SmartKiz® uses Wifi to communicate with your router. Thanks to its advanced services, this home automation box significantly improves the comfort and security of its users, all while providing them with serious energy savings.

Hattara® DIN Rail: integrate IoT into the building’s design

The Hattara® DIN Rail smart controller is more than just a box. Modular and capable of supporting multiple protocols (io-homecontrol®, RTS, Z-Wave, EnOcean, Zigbee, and Wifi/Bluetooth®), it was designed specifically for new connected building projects. Installed directly onto the electrical panel during a building’s construction, it centrally controls all of your equipment. Overkiz provides a dedicated application to help installers and make it easier for them to provide on-site service, since no internet connection is required for the installation of this box. Also, Overkiz offers a wide range of modules. Without question, the truly comprehensive Hattara® DIN Rail controller is a must for smart buildings.

To top it off, all of the boxes described here are compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants and IFTTT services.

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