• Window Automation industrY Srl is the merging of two companies specialised in automation: rolling shutters and awnings ASA and windows, domes, sunshades and components for smoke and heat evacuation systems MINGARDI. Together with Overkiz, WAY has developed the home automation system My Higgins RTW : stay connected to your home and activate shutters, awnings and lights remotely through your smartphone and create scenarios.

  • Avidsen is an innovative French company, specializing in the design of connected solutions for smart homes, smart buildings, and smart offices. What makes Avidsen unique is its multi-brand strategy, its design expertise, and its passion for developing innovative products with high value-added services.

    “Overkiz won us over with its solution’s performance and its top-quality personalized approach,” Alexandre Chaverot, CEO of Avidsen

  • Bft是意大利一家专业从事用于诸如通道门、车库门、卷帘门、金属门帘、道闸等通道的各种电机的自动化解决方案开发和销售的公司。
    2017年,Overkiz开发出了Bft U-Control互联解决方案,使用Z-Wave Minibox控制通道以及照明设备、电源插座和卷帘门。
    Bft 还选择对Overkiz终端用户应用程序进行量身定制

  • The integration of Flexom technology has enabled Bouygues Immobilier to go further in offering services that meet the needs of our current and future clients, strengthening our position as a leading commercial developer.

    Eric Pozzo-Deschanel
    Housing Product and Service Design Director

  • De Dietrich是一家供热解决方案的领先制造商。其品牌是BDR Thermea集团的一部分,该集团是可持续和智能气候与健康热水解决方案及服务的世界领先的制造商和分销商。BDR Thermea产品分布在60多个国家。De Dietrich Thermique使用Overkiz的基础架构来提供智能家居解决方案,并将其锅炉领域转入连接设备领域。

  • 作为La Poste集团数字部门的子公司,Docaposte为公司的数字化转型提供支持。 Docaposte选择Overkiz将技术内容嵌入房地产项目中,以确保控制和管理新家庭中的智能物品。

  • We chose Overkiz for this largescale innovative project due to their ability to offer us a sturdy, longterm infrastructure. The installed equipment (Minibox) and their cloud services provide the backbone for our overall solution for managing the comfort of occupants (pupils and teachers), while minimizing our carbon footprint using Ubiant artificial intelligence algorithms.

    Jean-Christophe BOURGEOIS
    Internet of Things and Data Valuation Manager, VERTUOZ by ENGIE

  • 2016 年,DencoHappel与Fläkt Woods联合成立了FläktGroup,该集团是欧洲节能高效室内空气技术解决方案市场的领导者。FläktGroup为客户提供最高的质量标准,确保更好的空气舒适度和健康水平。
    Overkiz帮助FläktGroup将其住宅通风设备连接至Modbus协议,以便于维护。Overkiz为Modbus 提供适配器和无线电àIP智能家居控制箱,用于报告和汇总控制与监测数据。

  • Overkiz has played a pivotal role in our expansion into the IoT world. As a market expert, Overkiz helped us to build a complete thermal comfort smart home solution for our customers, while never forgetting our objectives: to provide added-value products and services, quickly deploy innovative solutions, and adapt to changes in our product lines.

    Olivier Finot
    Electronic System Director

  • By connecting Hitachi’s heating and air conditioning products to Hi-Kumo®, homeowners can easily manage their heating and cooling needs, and balance comfort and energy savings at the touch of a button.Overkiz has proven to be a reliable and innovative partner, who has helped us to achieve our targets and better meet our customers’ needs.

    Rodolphe Jacson
    GM Product Marketing Division

  • The Overkiz platform lets us go to market more quickly with a well-established IoT solution that is easy to integrate.
    We received excellent technical support from the Overkiz team to guide us through the platform’s software and hardware integration.

    Jonathan Wilkinson
    IoT Director

  • The Eugénie mobile app epitomizes Nexity’s vision for smart homes by combining home automation features (based on the Overkiz infrastructure) with a range of services for occupants to help people build connections with their neighbors and interact with their property management company and their neighborhood. Eugénie is a simple offering that equips all future Nexity homes to deliver comfort, security, and energy savings.

    Yann Ludmann
    Director of Technologies and Information Systems

  • Overkiz is a partner that combines the agility of a small company, tuned into its market, with the security and longevity of a large company.

    Nicolas Oyarbide
    Strategic Marketing Manager

  • Rexel是一家为世界能源提供分销产品和服务的领先者。Rexel在其Energeasy Connect多协议智能家居解决方案中使用了Overkiz的定制化平台。Rexel创建了一个专注于供暖、照明和开口的国际领先品牌的生态系统。

  • Simu专业从事建筑封闭和防晒系统用电机、控制系统及附件的设计、制造与销售。

  • Smartly是挪威能源集团Lyse集团成员,为已安装和正在运行的智能家居提供解决方案。
    Smartly是一家全球服务提供商,业务涉及照明和热管理、能耗计量、移动电话、电动车充电、太阳能板和电池。Smartly帮助客户降低能耗并实现良好的气候指标。Smartly选择Overkiz开发出了照明和热管理自动化家居解决方案Smartly Connect,使用多个网关(Z-Wave Minibox用于改造项目,DIN Rail型用于新住宅)连接多个品牌的产品,包括Fibaro和Eaton。

  • Overkiz has been the cornerstone of the Somfy Group’s strategy in the connected home business since 2009.Thanks to Overkiz’s technological advances, very early on Somfy was able to offer a SmartHome solution to its customers and to differentiate its products with greater added-value.

    Marc Westermann
    Comité exécutif

  • Ubiwizz是Decelect French Group旗下品牌,基于广泛范围的互联设备和安装服务,提供智能家居和全套建筑解决方案。
    Ubiwizz是Overkiz解决方案的零售商,专门提供Overkiz DIN Rail智能网关和我们的Minibox。